Oxygen (02) Skin Advanced Programme & Pollution Block

Oxygen (02) Skin Advanced Programme & Pollution Block (75 mins)

Protects your skin form environmental pollution and provides it with the oxygen it needs. For skin living in urban environments.

Treatment designed to provide Oxygen to the skin and to create a barrier/ protection effect against environment Pollution. A combination of oxygenating, antipollution, antioxidant, detoxifying and prebiotic active agents, for a more intense global purifying and protective effect.

Suitable Skin Conditions

For all skin types, especially asphyxiated and/ or stressed skin.

Provide Results

Softer and smoother skin More Even Skin 100%
Healthier skin colour Skin With Good Face Effect 100%
Brighter skin More Radiant Skin 92%
Skin with more vitality Better Oxygenated Skin 92%
Helps to keep your skin cleaner Improved Skin Protective 92%
Better hydrated skin Better hydrated Skin 83%
Less irritable skin Improved Antioxidant Protective 83%
Helps to purify  your skin Pure Detoxified Skin 83%