Brightening Peel Sequential System

Brightening Peel Sequential System (60 mins)

Pigmentation treatment. Combination of glycolic acids for deep renewing action, with citric acid + phytic acid to reduce the pigmentation.

Suitable Skin Conditions

Thick and/or photo-aged skin with renovating needs (wrinkles, pigmentation, scars, large pores, etc.)


  • Softens pigmentation.
  • Unify skin tone.
  • Accelerates the renovation of the external layer of the skin.
  • Renewing action, reduces the thickness of the external layer of the skin.
  • Superficial peeling with full epidermal renewal.

Main Active Ingredients

  • Glycolic 25%
  • Lactic 15%
  • Phytic acids 10%
  • pH 3.3
  • Biomimetic peptides DSG and TGF-D in liposomes.