Skeyndor Urban White

URBAN WHITE is part of a new generation of skin lightening treatments that act directly in the heart of colour producing cells, the biological de-pigmenting agents. The main advantage of this line is that it acts simultaneously both on the skin blemishes caused by the sun and age, while also progressively lightening the skin’s natural tone.

Aim: Improves the penetrationa & activity of the de-pigmentation agents.

Main Active Ingredients :

TGF-ß Biomimetec Peptide

Effective in eliminating skin spots and gradually lightening the natural skin tone.

Phenylethyl Resorcinol + Phenolic derivatives

Greater lightening potential, antioxidant capacity and improved toxicological profile

AHCs: Lactica Acid/ Arginie (20:1)

A patented alpha hydroxyl acid release system for sustained exfoliation, without irritation.

Urban Pollution Protection

Exopolysaccharide. Helps counteract aesthetic damage caused by urban pollution and smoking which contributes to premature darkening of the skin.


  • Lightening of skin spot or pigmentation.
  • Unifies the skin tone.
  • Protect against Urban pollution.
  • Lighten the skin spots and acne marks.

Daily At Home Treatment

  1. Overnight Serum – 30ml
    Designed to improve the appearance of skin spots or acne marks. Its concentrated formula helps renovate the epidermis, unifying the skin tone and softening tiny skin flaws.
  2. Shield Hand Cream SPF 15 – 75ml
    A treatment formula for hands with aged skin and skin spots.
  3. Anti-Pollution Shield Mist – 100ml
    A refreshing spa water mist from southern France which restores the skin’s balance and natural wellbeing.
  4. New Skin Foaming Cleanser – 150ml
    A cleansing mousse with lactic acid combined with arginine. A patented system for releasing AHAs that gives sustained renovation, without irritation.
  5. Spots Eraser Cream – 15ml
    With a specific formula containing wide-spectrum de-pigmentation agents created to quickly lighten the tone of all types of skin spots or pigmentation.
  6. Shield Day Cream SPF 20 – 50ml
    Depigmentation cream that lightens skin spots and unifies the skin tone.
  7. Matt Compact Powder SPF50
    A compact makeup in the form of a cream with the powder finish that instantly lightens and unifies the skin tone, and protects it from the sun (PF50). Indicated for very fair skins.