Skeyndor Sun Expertise

Skeyndor has developed Sun Expertise, a complete and specific sun care product range. Sun Expertise establishes three internal and external protective barriers, protect & tan formulas and Galenic texture adapted to individual skin protection needs.

“Dry touch” formula with [DRY TOUCH] microspheres.
They provide extensibility an extraordinary touch to sun products, and selectively absorb the oils to create a long-lasting [Dry Touch] effect without drying out to skin. 

75 ml

  • Maximum UVA + UVB + IR* and stem cell protection.**.
  • Prevent global photoaging.
  • A lightly tinted cream.
  • Water-resistant.

Recommend: high risk skin that must not be exposed to the skin, extreme sun exposure.

75 ml


First Photoprotection Barrier: UVA + UVB.

system of filters that helps to preserve the skin’s health and prevents solar erythema.

Second Photoprotection Barrier: IR

Protects against skin-ageing caused by the free radicals produced by UV and IR. Protects the DNA of stem cells.

Third Barrier:
Action against overall photo-ageing.

Prevents the formation of wrinkles and blemishes caused by the sun, and also stops the skin losing its firmness.

Workshop of Gallenic Textures:

Boosters, lotions, creams and oils.
Diuerent textures according to the skin type and application area. Fast absorption, easy to spread, low “whitening euect” and non-oily.