Skeyndor Power Retinol

RETINOIDS have been used in beauty products since the 80s. Originally retinoids were applied in aesthetics medicine to treat problems caused by ance, and later it was discovered that retinoids have a very interesting regenerative anti-ageing effect. Since then retinoids application purpose was extended.

Aim: Rejuvenating effect on wrinkles and dark spots.

Main Active Ingredients :

Pure Retinol

an excellent rejuvenating element that can repair and recover the architecture and qualities of young skin.


The molecule can act like retinol on a genetic stimulation level, and also it is a great retinol stabiliser, which allows retinol-based products to be developed to maintain their effectiveness for longer.

HS Soy Extract

Produce a rejuvenating effect similar to that produced by retinoids, and with advantages that it can reduce the appearance of the manifestation of retinoid effects and therefore reduce the side effects associated with retinoids.


  • Activate skin rejuvenating by boosting metabolism.
  • Wrinkle reduction, scar improvement and pigment reduction.

Daily At Home Treatment

  1. Intensive Repairing Cream – 50ml
    For normal to dry skins: Rich Texture
  2. Intensive Repairing Emulsion – 50ml
    combination skins to oily skins.
    Lighter, non-oily texture.
  3. Intensive Repairing Serum-in-cream – 30ml
    For all skin types.