Skeyndor Eternal Sleeping Oil

Cells’ regenerating process is at its maximum activity during the night, when protein synthesis increases and skin receives a greater flow of nutrients. To intensify this natural process, and also contribute to nourishing and restoring the skin, SKEYNDOR offers you a unique combination of natural oils, essences and extracts: ETERNAL SLEEPING OIL.

Aim: New innovative form to generate skin during the night.

Recommend: Ideal for dry, mature or under-nourished skins.

Main Active Ingredients :

Crambe Maritima Extract

Protects epidermal stem cells.

Indian Chiretta Extract

Hypodermic stem cell stimulator that fights against biological ageing.



  • Help produce radiant and renewed skin in the morning.
  • Skin’s texture is more even-toned, soft and smooth.
  • Improved skin condition and appearance.
  • More comfortable and moisturised skin.