Skeyndor Aquatherm

Aquatherm is a range of products formulated with spring water from Salies-de-Bearn; a natural resource located in the French Pyrenees ( Southern France), and is designed to cover the needs of all skin types, especially the most delicate.

Aim: to respond to the problems of sensitive skins that cannot be treated with traditional cosmetic products.

Main Active Ingredients :

Thermal water

To stimulate the normalisation of the barrier function and diminish the reactivity of sensitive skin.

Pre-biotic sugars

To s rebalancing the skin’s ph and protects from the invasion of damaging micro-organisms.

Ceramides Found in vegetal extracts.

To extracellular cement in the corneous layer.

Plant extracts

Increasing the tolerance levels in sensitive skins. Softening the appearance of redness and fine red lines on the cheeks and neck.


  • Bring immediate relief to a sensitised skin.
  • Normalise sensitive skin by restoring the barrier function.
  • Rebalancing epidermis metabolism.

Daily At Home Treatment

  1. Delicate Cleansing Milk – 250ml
    Purifies the skin in an efficient way without causing redness or irritations. Compatible with the acidic PH level of skin.
  2. Thermal Cleansing Gel – 250ml
    Cleansing gel with exceptional tolerance, specially formulated for the daily care and cleansing of sensitive and oily prone skins.
  3. Thermal Concentrate Water –100/250ml
    Instantly reduces any discomfort and tautness, producing a pleasant feeling of freshness and softness, that restores the skin´s natural balance and wellbeing.
  4. Sensitive Eye Make Up Remover
    150ml Make-up removing fluid compatible with the eye mucous. Hence reduces irritation.
  5. S.O.S Anti-redness – 30ml
    Balsamic serum that provides immediate freshness and relief to tautness and redness in sensitive skins.
  6. Tinted Defence Cream SPF 15 – 50ml
    Day cream with a hint of make-up to delicately even sensitive skin with redness or coupe rose and to give protection against the damaging effects of sunrays.
  7. Re-balancing Gentle Cream FI – 50ml
    For sensitive combination and oily skins.
  8. Deep Moisturizing Cream FII – 50ml
    For dry sensitive skin prone to dehydration skins.
  9. Revitalizing Anti-Aging Cream – 50ml
    Formulated for sensitive skin with flaccidity, wrinkles and lack of luminosity.
  10. Soothing Eye Cream – 15ml
    Formulated to treat the delicate area of the eye contour, specially for sensitive skin types.
  11. Bi- Zone Soft Mask – 50ml
    With a refreshing and calming effect.
  12. Cleansing Micellar Water – 200ml
    Effectively clean impurities and  make-up remains from the face, eyes and lips